im not sure i exist
Pilar. 16.

"I am not sure that I exist, actually. I am all the writers that I have read, all the people that I have met, all the women that I have loved; all the cities I have visited."

currently reading: the general in his labyrinth


Happy Birthday Twiggy!  (September 19 1949)

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Buster with his great nephew

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     buster keaton
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Stanley Kubrick on the set of Spartacus, now screening in 35mm in NYC.

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The original portable blue Remington typewriter, 1927.

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" Unreal Estate " by Tim Doyle

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A Most Violent Year (2014) dir. J.C. Chandor

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     black swan

Look, kid, you can’t always save the day, all right? We’re just cops. Janitors. So you lost this one… Let it go.

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